Have I missed out because I am a new snob?

I was reading Lauren's recent blog post @ Wearing History of the benefits of learning to sew your own vintage styled clothes. The ovbious reasoning is, it means your not wearing out your treasures and can preserve them for the next generation. Get those fab designs in your size and also save some of that hard earned cash. If you are sewing challenged you can also go repro on etsy.

image credits Jitterbuggin www.etsy.com/shop/Jitterbuggin

image credits violavintage http://www.etsy.com/shop/violavintage

While internet browsing I found shebycindy, the designs are inspired by Joan in Mad Men, you wont get much change from $150 but the chances of you actual getting a vintage item that looks like Joan outifts are very slim.

image credit shebycindy www.etsy.com/shop/shebycindy

Another I found www.etsy.com/shop/p1xie and she has a blog Eleena Designs
TheBlackPinafore, rocketbetty and jacksdaughter on etsy for knitwear try greetzfromtiz also on etsy.


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