Saturday, 5 June 2010

Book of The Month

If I was stuck on a desert island the one request I would have is a subscription to Amazon's website. I have been admiring this book for a couple of months, and now the overtime has finally kicked in, I have treated myself.
I think it very hard to find a really good constructed Vintage fashion book, some concentrated too much on just boring clothes on mannequins and stock photos, some have too much text that seems to be lifted straight from a history book,or every other book produced on the subject, but not Forties Fashion:From Siren Suit to The New Look.
Yes it does have clothing pictured on mannequins, but these images are styled, accessories. Yes it has historical text, but also alot of background information that isn't just focused on the clothing, but how culture and politics shaped clothing during war time over the world. If only more history books were written in this fun fact way.
Did you know they tried to use cat fur to replace the shortages of fur in Eastern Europe? Yuck just think there could be someone wearing a cat fur stole that been processed to look like rabbit.

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