Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I got it

You now when people say they don't have any money? Well what they really mean is I don't have money to waste on silly things, especially on things they don't particularly like. I have always wanted a vintage dresser, in fact as a child I imagined you couldn't be a real woman til you had a dresser, I have a tassel boudoir chair 1960s remake, and always wished I could buy art deco dresser to match. This is an investment piece which probably want be full appreciated until I move to my own place but at £40 from a charity shop, I couldn't say no, well I had already said no to the 1940s drink cabinet, they didn't deliver.

I was trying to find a dressing table that looked similar to my purchase, both are the same shape, it would be simpler to just to wait till I get the real thing but waiting was never my strong point.

The dressers is constructed like this one from road*cruiser from ebay and the mirror is a similar shape.

The dressers is this colour, poor oak, dont understand why everyone wants fake pine.

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