Monday, 19 July 2010

All last week was a Bean feast

I have to say my experience of mental illness has been limited, yes I know quite a few people who are on medicine for depression, but I don't have to deal with their conditions everyday. I live in a basic place, that all I could afford on my wage, so even then the morale is low. My flatmates aren't clean they do nothing towards household duties and one of them smells. His room smells, he sprays his room with fragrance sprays, but ultimately its a smell that comes from having an unclean room, morale even lower. But something that has really getting me angry is the bio polar girl, I assume this as she has screaming matches with her boyfriend, one day best friends the next enemy. She leaves stuff everywhere and it takes days for her to clean up and she is the messest person in the house, I spend quite a bit of my time cleaning up after her. I am angry all the time as people with bio polar are denies, but since she isnt family or a friend I dont see why I have to babysit her. Living with a bio polar person drains your energy because you have to be understanding of them all the time, at the minute I cant sleep and I am living on a diet of sugar.
My job sastification has reached an all time low as this job keeps me in a negative situation as well as their inability to pay my overtime which has meant I have had to spend alot of time in the flat, during a 5 week month. This is what the 2nd circle of hell must be like. The only thing that has kept me going gaga, and not slaughtering my flatemates for real, is some vochers from M&S and since M&S is not what it used to be for lingerie, sweets was the only option.

The Bean feast Month was:
3 packets of toffee flavoured whoopie pies, 2 x2 pack of carrot cake cup cales 1 x 2 pack of choc button cupcake, 1 chocolate fudge cake, 2 x 2 lemon drizzle cake, 2 x packet of chocolate peanuts + make your own cupcakes= £6.13 left
The comedown is going to be a bitch.

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