Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Twilight Saga

How I feel about Bella Swan, stop forcing Eclipse down my thought, its not cool, I grow up with the Vampire Diaries Books, they are cool they have been picked up 10 year after publication for a TV series. L J Smith rules, please do write the last book in the Night World Series before I hit my thirties or die, have I not waited long enough! I thought I was tripping when I saw the add for Volvo featuring scenes from Eclipse. Its so down market wouldn't see Harry Pottor producers giving the go for adds about capes because they appeared in the movie. I for one will be seeing Eclipse only because I could do with some laughter and there nothing else worth seeing.
How I feel about Bella Swan character click below, finally an adult female in the media who isnt delusional about the Twilight series.

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