Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day Dreaming Again

I'm tired of reading about precious children (Tavi) and their accomplishments it isn't anything new, if the Internet had been popular when we were growing up we could all be stars too. I do feel that people born in my year in the UK where the test generation we got all the problems and none of the rewards! All the rules changed and the trouble was our parents were unprepared and didnt tell us.
It's werid a diffrerence a year makes if I had been born a year later their would be hundreds of things I would have been able to do, but denied becuase the govenement wasnt offering it to me. The irony is all these free things is slowly killing the economy and creating a lazy generation. Kids get free travel, and get on the bus for two stops, and most of them could do with the exercise.
Rant over, why couldn't I have been born 10 years later my life would be so much sweeter and easier as would be my mother's less struggling more handouts? Now rant is over.
This is what happens when you turn 25 years old, your just barely in the category where your opinion matters and you are considered "young", from next year I will not matter.

Whats daytime Fetish?

I'm going to the alternative fetish market on Sunday, which ruined my plan to go to the Affordable Vintage Fair on today, but if you are going to make new friends it helps to keep seeing then.
My first thought was to wear my TOPrunway dress as it comfortable and smart at the same time, but the venue also has a club which starts after 6pm, so I need an outfit that can take me from day to night. I also have a red pencil skirt with huge bow at the back, paired with a either a rock and roll cardigan or skeleton cropped jacket.

In the end I went with the dollychops ensemble, which has been dying for another wear, had my picture taken but was so cold, I kept my coat on so none saw how cute my outfit really was.

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