Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Recommended Seller- Dollchops

I cant believe I have not posted about the amazing Dollchops Clothing range, available through eBay, they are one of the best handmade clothing makers still using eBay, so you better grab a piece.
I own three pieces, the red Dita skirt a bitch to iron if you dint have a good steam iron, Corpse Bride jacket which has puffed shoulders and is fastened at the neck with a bow clip (pictured wearing both in a previous post)and the Memphis Belle (black skirt) which I didn't try on for ages, and is very small in fit, possibly I was sent the wrong size. It now fits but is definitely has good stretching properties!
The red skirt was a little big at the back so I had to take it in at the bow as a result I don't get that cut out look which is pictured, other then that its a quality made skirt which doesn't ride up. I find that alot the skirts I buy in the shops, ride up no matter the size, possibly its the cheap fabrics they are using and the lack of lining?

What I am lusting up next is the letherette version of the Corpse Bride jacket so look for yourself.


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