Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I really want a good night out and I don't mean the club in my local town, while I have some money I don't have lots so I want to keep my costs down. One way to do this is to become an usherette at a club night, which is what I will be doing this Friday, this is a role now that has less perks, now that the recession has hit, you are paid in free entrance and maybe a few free drinks if you are lucky, rather then in money.
So what did I do? Present my planned outfit to get the gig.

Outfit and hat before makeover

My outfit
Primark Vivienne Westwood style tulip dress AUT 08, I was going to sew the skirt in so it has a pencil shape, and is more timeless, but I'm glad I didn't,
Corset I purchased three years ago, to help me get into my tiny waist vintage dresses. Skirt from Erotica, is my main clubbing staple, shoes bought at a reduced price Aut 08, broach is borrowed from a fake fur stole, belt with watch, taken from a Halloween costume.

My hat
A antique top hat which I have draped hat netting round it to hide the damaged (already had). Black ribbed ribbon (bought) diamante buckle and ostrich feather (salvage).

I found a leather glove while walking todays so I plan to modify it to a fingerless glove and, maybe trim with some cream ruffle trim I have in my sewing bag.
Still to sew up my coin purse, but I did use my scraps of gold leather and cut out gear shapes to glue onto it.

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