Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Ultimate Night Out

I had an awesome night on Friday, and while going to a club by myself filled me with dread, I had been their before and noticed they seem to have a friendly and close knit clientale. I also advertised on the club forum that I would be going along, and for people to say Hi, also being an usherette helped.
One of the people I meet online organised a stragglers meet up, and we had fun talking and dancing I was well looked after by 3 gentleman, who would of thought going to a club would be more fun without the friends? Over course now my friend wants to come because I had such a good time, but I would prefer to go without them.

Missed Post
Isn't anything sacred anymore? Postman delivery on a Sunday, I missed my parcel as I was listening to music, going to have to walk to the parcel depot, only 35 minutes away.
I also have official stopped shopping for Beswick Circus for this year.

I bought two of these.

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