Monday, 6 September 2010


I havn't been to Brighton for a couple of years, so it was interesting to see if it survived the recession. Many of the shops were still there and the lanes where still intact (known for vintage jewellery)I was bewitched by a old silver cuff. And it was good to see that vintage clothing was booming I counted 4 shops with some nice things but all sized 8-10, sadly. I guess if you live in a pier town with picturesque parks, theres no need for obesity.
My favourite shop Framing Tin Tin was still there but had moved closer to the action. The shop is full of all different types of vintage magazines, stacked on top of another. I spent ages trying to find a picture, I wanted a Vargas image but felt I need to rein it in so I went for a George Petty.
Brighton is one of those rare towns where everything fits right, even the less affluent areas with the council flats look nice, which is why most people (professionals) would like to live there. I worked with a gorgeous red head with cat eye glasses, who would travel from Brighton to London, I asked her why she came this way. "Theres no work in Brighton," Brighton and Hove is such a large area, that jobs only come up when new shops come in or people retire or leave. I guess it kinda like where I used to live the majority of work is provided by the retail industry, food industry and then a tiny percentage in the public sector, not good if you have high exceptions of what you should get from life.

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