Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have my Nars replacement

Have I told you about the time, when I went to America and had my Nars body glow half full, confiscated? Well I havnt bought one since, as it was expensive. Tried many of the alternaties but they all had large gawdy glitter particules, but I just may have found a winner. Champneys Oriental Body Oil.
Firstly it smells heavenly, it does moisture your skin (I have thirsty skin),the texture seems to be the same as Nars, you have to shake it before use.It has fine gold particules that shimmer gracefull in the light, a lighter colour to the Nars but at £8rrp and for the price savy me I got it for £4.

Rewiew from Women&Home By Daniella Fox http://www.womanandhome.co.uk/articles/hairandbeauty/buyoftheday/472381/champneys-oriental-body-glistening-oil.html
Fed up of faffing around with fake tan or feeling anxious about exposing your legs this summer? If you're looking for an instant hit of colour on your pins then this super glistening dry oil is for you.

With skin nourishing jojoba, sesame and rice bran oils and a gorgeous scent to boot, skin is left feeling soft and looking seriously conditioned and shimmery, thanks to its subtle gold sheen. Just make sure you allow the oil to dry for ten or so minutes before attempting to dress.

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