Sunday, 5 September 2010

Is ebay dead for the humble VINTAGE little seller?

While searching for tips of how to dye vintage clothing I came across this article

heres an extract.....

But now, eBay only give sellers on Clothes, Shoes & Accessories > Women’s Underwear Slips the choice of ‘New with Tags’, ‘New without Tags’ or ‘New with Defects’. Uh? Where’s ‘Used‘ in the drop-down menu? Nowhere. Where, for that matter, is the eminently sensible ‘Vintage:perfect’? or maybe ‘Vintage with defects’? Forget it, Mr.Seller, they won’t allow you to describe your item honestly. I get around it by inserting a line, twice, in the item description that says ‘due to new eBay rules I have to describe this item as ‘new without tags’ but of course it is not new – it is preened cherished vintage’.

Why not list in Vintage where you belong, I hear you say? I did, for a while, but sales flatlined. Like it or not, the action is elsewhere – but unfortunately that elsewhere is a place where sellers are forced to misdescribe the condition of their vintage slips, etc, just to list there. Now thats wrong. Totally wrong. Effectively, eBay have presented us with a stark choice – stay with us and misdescribe your items, or leave.

Now I have noticed on the UK site, which has always been flaky for vintage, too many business sellers, charging the same price as shops and too little individuals selling real vintage. Its been a while since Ive had a sell for vintage items, I don't list too high, and I have made a loss on everything I have bought since 2008, since I buy from America, the most expensive vintage dress I sold went for £32.00. Today I wanted to list some books about vintage fashion and what do I find? Books no longer have their own separate category, so their is no chance of a viewer being able to stumble among a gem. And quite frankly whose gonna, spend the time going all those pages on a whim?

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