Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The devil makes work for idle hands

Every year everyone in my family say's they aren't going to go mad at Christmas, but they end up spending £30 per person which I think is mad. So I thought I would make my Christmas list early. The best thing about buying Xmas presents is the hunt for buying the items at the lowest price possible and I must admit when people buy me fancier versions of the same thing, I do get annoyed, I would rather get a box of choclate for the extra money spent. Already I have my Aunt covered Champneys gift set half price, started towards presents for my mother,Calvin Klein nail varnish shade whisper and a glaze for £6. I will not miss the days when I have to buy in installments. I am obsessed with owning a Sears catalogue, at University I would just take them out to look at the clothes, and as they aren't particular cheap, £25 on Amazon, £20 eBay, perhaps this will be a gift to myself. And who knew the Disney classics were so expensive at £17, actual you may have already known I forget that other people do still shop, other then for food.

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