Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thanks for the Blues

I feel the need to give a a shout out to the difficult flatemate who has caused me nothing but stress,who has know just turned things from bad to worse. You see the yesterday she went on a rant to the landlord about how she needs to live by herself (great move out your a dirty and crazy cow). And the landlord agreed as well because the elctricity bill was double because the new girl was putting her heating on all day and night. So now hes thinking of selling or moving into the flat in 3 months, don't know whats worse. So heres to you, you selfish wailing banshee, I hope you meet something who so selfish who drains the energy out of you. I hope you get the marriage you deserve. Thanks for making the next 3months the worst of my life, as I now have to look for another dive and hope my family can lend me money so I can pay for it. Here's two fingers to you (insert other curse word)you cunt.
Things I might of afford if I earned more then just pay the bills.

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