Friday, 25 March 2011

The fundraising Game

I had a feeling yesterday that if I didn't do something I would miss out. I went to the assessment I bought CV, passport and bank details. I wasn't asked for any of
(weird), I didn't get an interview (more weirdness). Then was told I got the gig, the other guy who was also selected asked what our targets were, I was too excited to ask. We have one months trial only and had 5 people a day to sign up at £10. I was so excited I had to call someone. Later on I started thinking why would someone donate £10 a month when so many charities are begging for money? On the, train it was for Japan, at a store it was little children's charity at work its for cancer and children's and then you are sponsoring friends for walks or marathon. The answer was clearly no but it was nice to feel hopeful for a few hours. Should of taken a picture so that I can remember what happiness looks like.
At least I have chinese

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