Tuesday, 8 March 2011


My 7 day Attack phase, didn't work out so well, since meat and fish is very expensive and that the food you should mostly eat. They should of called this the rich diet. The 2nd day I was hungry and shivering. While on this diet I was sleeping for at least 9 hrs a day. The 4th day I went to Brighton and was so tired I had to eat carbs and boy did I feel better, the symptoms of a hangover had gone, I could walk longer by the end I had lost 3lbs when it should 6-8 3lbs, however I hav lost inches.

Yesterday I had a job interview for the worst paying job in retail, so already I was pissed. When I gor their I learned they were interview 1000 people for only 105 jobs. Only 13 of those jobs were full time and half the part time jobs may terminate after 6 months. Ann the company recruitment had the audacity to tell us how fortunately we were to get an opportunity to work for this piss poor paying company, if I wasn't so angry I would of cried. I never seen a bunch of more unfortunately people, people who had lost their jobs( they still had nice clothes), staying at home mothers(ragged clothes/tight clothes) who needed to work and students who needed the money for further education, begging for a job at a bad paying fast fashion store and being told they were being giving a great opportuntiy, fu@king joke. An under the bus moment for sure.

UPDATEdue to the high calibre of over qualified people from other industry, I am on standby for a job for the lowest paying uk retail job.


  1. Is the answer Primark?
    This is one bad recession; the government don't understand that people are competiting for jobs 2-3 levels below their station. What happens to the people who were already lower down, how are they going to get work, is it going to be case in hand jobs for them or poverty?

  2. I agree, last year I went for two job interviews with housing association I got down to the last 5 people. On the first job interview I was against 2 ex council employees on the 2nd interview I was against 3 ex council workers all with housing and one former investment banker for a £16k job. I have no housing experience but this year I have applied for 6 very similar job roles with no invitation to an assessment. It’s even very hard to get a cleaner job; they either want experience or qualification or would prefer a foreign worker. I wouldn't be worse if I had taken 16hrs employment rather than 23.5hrs or be unemployed which is harder to swallow.
    They say it worse for the youths but the youths have the benefit of their youth, there a lot more schemes out there designed to help this age group over all the others. Also they are cheaper to employ so they have more chances in the retail industry and food industry the biggest recruiters at the minute.


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