Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its conspiracy

I have been forced to expend my job horizons due to 5 week paydays and doubled cost of electricity due my flatemates use of heaters. Official there is no money in the kitty apart for food. So yesterday I applied for a job fundraising I kinda said I would dress crazily and do gimmecks for the job.
Like most people I have a problem with large fundraising organisations they pay their managers very good wages out of donated funds. So there was only one fundraising company I was interested in working for, Gift. Today I got a phone call from Gift, stupidly I said I couldnt attend as I am in work, which is true as I am covering overtime also I dont think I would make it to north london and change out of work clothes in time, white shirt and black trousers and shoes wouldnt cut it(I used the words colourful, noticable). Afterwards I thought what if they can't give me another interview I REALLY need real work now. So I told work I couldnt do the overtime and called back, and you know what no ones answers. May have lost out twice over. At least their Friday, I shall be hussling the fundraisers for work on my day off.

Update I shall be attending the assesment, whether I will get there in time will be due to an act of God.

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