Wednesday, 16 March 2011

When Stars Do Business- Lily Allen

Last night I was glued to the TV to watch car crash TV, the previews from the Guardian were not very promising for Lily Allen show.
It confirmed three things for me.(1) Once people become stars they no longer inhabit or care about the real world.
In Lily fantasy world women aged 20 could afford to rent an item for £300 for 3 days and think thats a bargain. I suspect those dream women could buy it outright for their own personal wear.
(2) Some stop listening to other people advice, especially from people who are paid less then them. Im sure at some point someone other then Mary Portas must of said to Lily "if I have to spend £120, £300 to rent for 3 days couldn't I just go on Etsy and Ebay and buy it and love it forever?" Something similair was said by a girl in a focus group when shown a dress by Ossie Clark, but I think she meant she could find something similair for that price. She may have hired a brand advisor but she would of been better of employing a common sense bloke. You allow an employee to go on a buying trip but give them no written brief of what the price points should be what locations you should visit and also dont make them check in with you about what they are buying! Clearly neither live in the real world.
(3) Dont know the value of anything. I thought Mary Portas and the vintage dealer they saw, was about to have a fit when they said they would allow anyone to wear couture clothes and delicate vintage numbers. Any one who cares vintage and couture wouldn't want these items to be worn over and over again. Sweat destroys old garments and people dont always care enough about items that aren't theirs.
See what apparantely 20-30 can easily afford during a recession at

PS Lucy in Disguise
What can be bought for under £120 on etsy which is 40s

PSS Lucy in Disguise
What can be bought for under £300 on etsy which is 50s


  1. What I found most telling about her insecurity was that repeated nervous laugh that accompanied almost every other statement she (Lily) made.

    It was kinda ... brash statement... followed by nervous and OTT laugh, with no pause in between.


  2. I felt that was the sweetest thing about her, it saved her from being completely being slated. I think she needs to overcome her fear of the bank manager otherwise she may be forced to sing for her supper once more.


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