Monday, 30 November 2009

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Cant wait for my other deliveries.

What to do with two unripe bananas?

I am always going on about how resourceful/inventive I am, so here's more proof I have two bananas that don't seem to want to ripen, ideally I want to make something sweet, but all the recipes require at least a slightly ripe banana, but there are lots of recipes on making banana chips.

What you need
banana unripe
seasoning to taste

I cut the banana into thin fries, very important they are thin, think very slim french fries, heat oil to heat in a wok and cooked for 5-8 mins.
The end result, was surprising they taste like potato (to do with the starch concentration) with only a hint of banana flavouring and when you add flavouring you cant taste it all. Revolutional! And healthier then potato to boot.

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