Friday, 5 February 2010

Favourite Seller- Denisebrain

I think Denisebrain has been trading as long as I have been using eBay.
Last year I purchased an adorable blue hat and pearl encrusted cotton gloves but then realised they dont match anything I have, so sold them on, however now I have a blue dress that would of matched it and a white dress is coming.

I think all these dresses are lovely, I particuly like the middle dress, and I think I could rock the pink dress, even though I dont really like pink.
I also forgot to mention shes the Queen of styling! The floral hair piece in the middle picture, doesn't it look lovely with that brocade dress?


  1. :) I'm so glad you like these!

    I have been around approximately forever on eBay, and I now have a web store and Etsy store as well. Sort of an old dog with new tricks!

  2. I am watching all three items, even though they may not fit.


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