Friday, 19 February 2010

Thursday browsing

I love cake! And my favourite place to buy cake is from Selfridges in London, really I was there to decide whether I should spend £10 on OPI nail colour Barefoot in Barcelona. I didn't buy it but I saw some skinny types tucking to huge slices of cake. Have you ever watched the 1950's film Pollyanna? Well in the fairground scene, theirs a shot of kids being cut huge slabs of cake, that's how big it was. Unfortunately the red velvet cake didn't taste as nice as it looked, and it was too soft for me to try and cut it into two pieces.

Of course I had to visit Gillian at Alfie's Antique market and couldn't resist purchasing my vintage gold plated french ring. The way I see it, I'm trying to support the vintage economy, last week I went to Angel, Islington which used to be a vintage paradise, but now most of the sellers have had to move on as the landlords have sold their rental space to developers. Their used to be an arcade but know its some posh American brand import clothing line, too boring and preppy for my liking, but I was shocked the arcade had been turned into a shop.

Like Dita I would match rather have vintage jewellery that's big and fake rather then tiny and real, but then again I like the fact they took so much time to make it look like the real deal.

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