Monday, 8 February 2010

Up in the Air

I had lots of plans for today but the bad weather ruined it. The gloomy light meant I couldnt take any good pictures for ebay, and as my camera isnt as modern as it used to be it doesnt pick up the details of dark objects and clothing if their isnt enough light. I also wanted to do some sewing but the cold and dark light meant I gave it a miss, while I could squint in the bad light provided by low energy light bulbs, my eyes are hurting with the strain. I also managed to get a one day pass for the gym, so Im going to try the trial gym route as regularly gym membership is not within my budget, as I cant sustain eBay selling indefinately. It was was a good chance to look at the style blogs, now that I no longer buy Elle magazine (2yrs and counting), I dont know whats current among movers and shakers, not that I care about fashionable, because to truly be fashionable you need to wear the looks before they hit the high street otherwises its just plain copying.

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