Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh No!

I have mould! For eight months my house had no heating, as the boiler stopped working, the problem turned out to be a broken fan, but due to health and safety reasons, no one would look at it, until recently, so now the walls are dripping water, which perfect for when you are trying to sell a house.
I was taking items out as I like to check they are okay, and my wardrobe has mould,
3 of my lovely black dresses have the powdering of mould. Luckly I have presence of mind to put my basic black dresses at the end of the wardrobe and my best and coloured dresses go centre. Never the less Im still upset as this may explain the mystery why the beaded dress I bought at christmas suddenly has developed red spotting on the back where their were no spots before. If the worst of the worst happens at least I can re dye the plain black dresses if they are discoloured.
To console myself I have had a Kit Kat or three.

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