Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Can you spare a dime?

Three times this week I have been asked this week for money. Just because I have some income doesnt mean its spare, usual if I have anything spare its because I havn't been paying enough out. The first time this week was the RSPCA a animal charity asking me for £7 a month, now I have £10 left in my account of my actual salary why? I bought a pair of shoes for work as the ones I bought 3 months from the seconds shop, have fallen apart and it was cheaper to buy a new pair. I bought another pair for my mother as she was complaining that she didnt have flat shoes (xmas present) spent £7 on chinese as upset as a housmate had left the toilet very messy and left it. Spent money £6 re dye my work gear, as I dont want to have to replace my skirt and trousers for a job like this. But the real reason I am broke is because I in a 5 week month and technical I am short of my salary of about a week, and I didnt realise how much the essentials cost and what was an essential to me. I didnt realise how depressing and costly living in a dirty flat would be, I now have developed allegies itchy skin blocked nose (a blessing) My careful food budget has gone up as I am spending more money on air freshners and cleaning products.(A) I live with a stankey person (B)My room is a sauna so my vintage clothes and cheap leather shoes have low level smell. Didnt realise how depressing shopping for bargins would be and there are alot less of them avaiable. I have developed an expensive chocolate pick me up habit, that also comes out of the food budget.
The second request for money was for the work Christmas Party, £10 deposit and apparently more to be paid later, now I only have £10 left of my actual wage left and the thought I have to pay out more in December for a work Christmas party when its another 5 week month is not happening. When people see me working in my job, they sometimes say, "that must be a good job." I feel like saying no its not as its only part-time and I dont live at home. I thought I would get part time retail work as I have lots of expereince but I havnt had any interviews, only the two interviews I had for housing roles, weridly. The third request was from a homeless person, now down to my £6, after runing out of toothpaste, pasta, bread and mints, I said no. I hate the way being on a low salary has made me mean,I no longer put a washing up liquid out as no ones puts into a household fund. Actually the reason is I bought a brand from a different supermarket and its lower quality. I have stopped contacting my old firends as really they always wanted me to come down to my old town and drink in the pub which was boring then and still is now, as none of us lead interesting lives and half are continously unemployed, the conversation is limited. Cant wait to March as its usually after I have been somewhere 11 months that I get another job, just in time for my Bank to call in my overdraft. One step forward half a step back the story of my life.

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