Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fashion Forerstry

Fashion forestry is having her first giveaway in Association with Bohemian Bisoux Vintage

$50 is at stake!

I must admit I dream about vintage quite alot, I only have 3 different dreams that have evolved over time. I dream about two separate vintage shops, when I was younger around 10yrs these dreams were very evolved and included towns. The oldest recurring dream involved reaching the second floor of a shopping centre, walking through a ladies department floor to reach the attic. The vintage shop is in the attic, when I first walking in there are always petticoats hanging from the celling, the clothes are grouped together by era, I am always looking for a frothy 50s dress.
The other dream is from my teenage years and is when I was able to start buying vintage. I have travelled by train or coach to another town for this shop, I have to take the right walkway on the right street to get to the shop. If I miss it I either end up walking the market or get to the outskirts where the church is and I am lost. As I get older I find myself more and more reaching the church. I think its a metaphor for my life, good intentions and all but still not achieving my goals.

Some of my Favourties from the store

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