Friday, 15 October 2010

Biting the Bullet

If you needed any sign that a town is going down hill, the final arrival of a Cash converters and another Pound store is an indication. Multiple of the same store in a small town, what's up with that?
Trying to create some enthusiasm for the upcoming festivities by looking at the local Poundland who have gone to town, as have the bakers Greggs and the Supermarkets.
Still undecided on whether I will go out for Halloween, on one hand it will be great to catch up with the Bizarre gang on the other hand I am worried, that all I will be thinking about is how I could of spent the money on something else that would last longer, like that X files box set. But then again I will get my hospital results 3 days before the event and they may might just spoil everything.
Yesterday I finally sold something, not on the internet but in the local Cash converters, so I am not in danger of having an account in minus with still 2 weeks to go. Yes I am throughly out of love with this job, the things I am resorted too, redying clothes to make them last, entering competiton and doing the lottery when I find a £1.
In fact I had a depressing conversation with my Aunt about the number of Supermarket and toiletries shops and outlets she goes to keep the monthly shop down. Me being depressed how I have to do this too, and wouldnt it be just nice, not to have to shop for a discount. That and the negatives of having a small dog who acts like a child, sleep deprivation, injuries and the drycleaning bill. That and what I want for Christmas which has now turned to what I need replacing but can't afford.
I feel pride before a fall is coming my way big time, better look now for the deals on chocolate.

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