Monday, 18 October 2010

New Book Crush- Horrockses Fashion

My smile lasted for 3 hours, then I developed an ear infection, so my weekend involved me lying down to stop the ringing, even a stroke of a little kitten couldn't lift me. My lack of overtime has meant I am seriously out if the loop when it has come to Fashion exhibit, I missed the Grace Kelly exhibit by choice.
And The Horrockses exhibit almost went, right under the radar, it being held at the Fashion and Textile Museum my least favourite museum, it always gives me the feeling there too much space and not enough in there, and also its not the easiest of places to get too, which is why, in a toss up I would rather have the book then visit.
However the review from Arts thread blog, seems to make it more and more interesting with each view.
However blog This is Love Forever has kindly included pages from the book.
Museum ticket £6.50 travel £7.30 verus Book £15.64. One or the other, I hate the recession.

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