Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Supermarkets Go All Patisserie

You know I love cake.
Nothing like a piece of good cake and a cup of tea on a rubbish day. Well it seems the Supermarkets too have realised this, and they have up the ante in the cake wars. Now for some strange reason lots of Milkshake places have emerged yet very few contenders to the Gregg's Bakers throne.
Tesco stocks cream Whoopees and Asda has recently jumped on the wagon with its new Indulgent Treat Line.
After my bad experience with stale red velvet cake from Selfridges, I thought I would try some of those Supermarket cake lines.
Desperate for cupcake fix, I tried the red velvet cupcake (£1.75) they looked great but tasted artificial, I then tried the Mississippi Mud Pie Cupcakes, again they looked great had a chocolate taste but that weird artificial sweetness again. I moved onto the loaf cakes, first Banana Chocolate cake loaf (£2.69?), tasted like banana foam sweets, with that weird tasting chocolate coating. I then tried the Lemon Drizzle cake Loaf, surely they could get that right? And they did base was moist with the normal slightly acidic lemon flavoured icing with lemon shavings.

image courtesy of asda magazine

To introduce the new range of indulgent treat Adsa had 25% of single cakes so for £0.60 I tried the Mini Toffee Cake, which was very nice and moist with buttercream icing my favourite. The next day I fancied another cake, the cookies had all gone but why not an iced doughnut, after all most supermarkets fail epically in this. I picked up a lemon glazed doughnut with a lemon curd filling (£0.38) it tastes very similar to a lemon Krispy Creme doughnut and much nicer then the Mini Toffee Cake.
So does not only Asda do the freshest cookies and pastries it does mean little cakes a well. Think I will enjoy my weekly sweet fix so much more.

image courtesy of asda magazine

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