Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ebay Flogging

You are probably wondering what items in my wardrobe I would part with in exchange for the fifties gingham dress. While I relisted my 1930s nightgown I purchased from silkenflame at a low price as the major flaw which can only be seen in sunlight, was never mentioned in the listing, means that I cant command anywhere near the price I paid for it. I don't know why sellers don't check their items in daylight to check for flaws, I'm constantly looking at my items Im trying to sell and update the listing accordingly, this is probably because I am not a business with hundreds of sales.
I finally put up the Trixie dress,this is the first time I bought into hype, I'm a big believer that non thin people can still dress slim, which this dress doesn't do. It may be a reproduction style but it was cut to modern standards so the waist comes low, which gives me the illusion of huge hips, I may be overweight but I am not a fatty yet.

I adore this cardigan but I think my days of wearing it are over, I haven't worn it in over two years but I love the print, but Mama needs money and doesn't want to part with the deadstock carriage dress.

I also put little books and DVDs to cover those eBay costs, but not being able to charge for postage and packaging is a real killer to the small profits, I have lots of DVDs I could sell and books on costume and vintage, I have one book which only 100 were every made, its about a diamond house Van Cleef & Arpels, but books are expensive to post, so not worth the trouble.

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