Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fat Day

I dont really have a special fat day wardrobe, because my hips are in between sizing generally all my clothes are a little big, so even when I put on a little weight is not noticable. However my pink bridemaid now fits me perfectly gone is the 2inch gap on either side, so its time restart the health kick. My downfall is chocolate and cake, I dont have it everyday but I have it Fri/Sat/Sun, their is an unspoken rule that multipacks of crisips, chocolate and biscuits are not allowed otherwise they will be consumed in one sitting. I did join weight watchers did it for 3 months and put on weight, then I ate nothing but veg for a week and lost 8lbs, Im not going down that route eating veg all the time was boring, plus I am at home too much to stick to it.

Now that this dress fits me I actual quite like it, and it has an in built crinoline one of the few things I have not yet bought. I might wear it to another wedding, but my Aunt remembers every occasion were I wear vintage so probably not.

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