Thursday, 21 January 2010

My Good Luck?

I havn't been posting recently as I have been attending to the job situation and selling alot on eBay to fund my night out at the end of the month. I have wanted this item from etsy since before Christmas but someone reserved it, I thought I had lost it until I saw it as available. Straight away I found three items to sell on eBay to cover the cost. I have always wanted another dress with a matching Bolero and it has its belt intact, and its my first 50s dress in a year.
But now I have found two more lovelier dresses on eBay, each without matching bolero and belt, if only it could of been put on hold for four days. Back to the cupboard maybe its time to try again with the dead stock 50s dress and that black beaded dress I bought for Christmas which didn't touch the spot.

I plan to lower the neckline as it looks matronly, and take it in as its currently an xl size.

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