Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Oops Me Bad

Isn't this white dress a cutie? I was torn between these two and guess what I have both. I did not intend to win I bidded hours before the eBay auction was due to end, so I was sure to be outbidded on both. So now I ruffling through the wardrobe wondering what can I sell to cover the £30 shortfall, and have reduced my night out budget by £20, so basically travel and entrance and one drink.
I have a vintage film mag, a vintage jacket and sparkly burlesque thong that I am willing to part with.

Now that Im looking at it, it was the pleats that did it.

Hows the Job Search?

Again I had an interview again I was given the reason for my possible not being accepted due to the fact I live too far away. Again I gave my speech that their are not enough jobs in the local towns to accomdate everyone so people have to travel, noone wants to travel for 1.5hr journey if they didnt have too.

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