Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Victoria Jackson Makeup

For christmas I received some money, typically it went to keeping me afloat and putting down the cat, but a small part of it went to this cosematic line being sold in my local shopping mall, I had seen it before, being promoted in Whsmith, and thought it was one of those con makeup lines. As I had a little money I thought why not have a look at the demonstration. What sold me was the lipsticks and the bronzer, I found it hard to find a good bronzer that doesnt have large gawdy glitter particles, and the fact I needed to buy a present for my Aunt (she got the doll kit).
Once I had brought my £30 purchases home, I wanted to find out more had I been conned?
I have seen that through American discount makeup websites you can get the bronzer for much less, but as I dont live in America that not much help.

My review posted on handbag.com
I have recently bought four Victoria Jackson products for £30 and was impressed with the quality and the fact it also suited non mixed raced black skin. For those of you who are able to buy cheap makeup, then you are lucky cheap eyeshadows and bronzers from brands like Loreal, sleek and Gosh always look chalky and ashy on dark skin, I have always had to buy Mac and Bobbi Brown.
I received a bronzer with the aplicator brush, which has fine gold particles, and is just as good as mac and cheaper. The packaging even looks like Mac, I thought it was Mac repackaged but at a cheaper price. I also got the 12 mini lipsticks, and even the red shade is flattering and the mint scent doesnt fade away as soon as you but it on it not Greasy like sleek, it may not be as nice as Juicy tubes but you get more colours. I then got the doll kit which comes in a nice container and has nice lip colours and eyes shades (more for white skin). The fourth product I got was the eye crayons, if you have dry and wrinkle skin, the crayons glide on easily to create an easy smoke eye effect. Im not a makeup expert so this, stuff is easy to use and quick.
These product is not a con if it does the job and if you look at the prices she charges on the American website it a bargin. Their are two make up brands called Victoria Jackson, ones really cheap nasty makeup, which isnt the one being sold. Im not a person who can afford to regularly buy makeup so at less then £8 a product I dont think I have been conned. The salesman may be pushy but at the end of the day they are on commission and need to earn like everyone else. Im probably not the target age group as im early twenties, but I appreciate quality and am satisfied.

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