Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

When I was nine I bagged my mum to get me a cat, My Gran knew a lady whose prized breeding persuian cat had got jiggy with a local tom resulting in a litter of mixed kittens. When trying to select two kittens to take home, I saw a kind of tortuoise shell cat playing with a black cat (Dillion). I named my turtouise shell cat called Tabitha after the Beatrice Potter character. Dillion and Tabitha lived in each other pockets and when Dillion wandered of in the summer of 2009 aged 16, she cried for days out in the Garden for him, after that she hardly went out and slept and slept. By December 2009 she was refusing to go outside to the toilet. So in the end the decision was made to put her to sleep, it was so quick, she had gone floppy by the time the injection was fully in her system and stopped breathing after 12 seconds.
I took her home and buried her in the garden she hated the garden she would of much prefered to be buried inside at home.

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