Thursday, 7 April 2011

The £10 Challenge

Next week I will be starting my new Challenge, enjoying my week off on £10. It would be more if I haven't had to pay out for travel fare. But I don't think I could survive a week at the flat, listening to a girl complain about the cold when its double figure temperatures outside.
In the good old days I could rely on a cheque but I said yes to the dress, which now promptly needs to be exchanged to replace old things.
So like any self respecting person trying to keep up the image, I am on the look out for the freebies! Going to Museums and visiting attractions are mostly free and I have some euros for the donation box, but what about eating out?
In the good old days you could wander around London and be given food freebies, test our new crisps, chocolates. When the new Vitamin E drink came out I got 6 bottles.
While searching for freebies I found this website, it lists various offers, some do involve completing surveys for the freebies.
my first freebie, mini egg from Thorntons, they ask for your details, so you may want to give them a junk email address and not a primary mobile number.

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