Thursday, 21 April 2011

Oh My Goodness - Peacocks By Design

I really want to put it on the card, but I am afraid it wont suit my shape. Its a cotton dress and it doesn't cost £50 plus, it seems that alot of the summer dresses are made from viscose, or are cotton with polyester lining (includes the Primark Dress). I tried on the Monsoon dress and in reality it looked washed out, the fit was okay but it was nothing special for the money, and I found in my local store which means it must be in every store.
I tried the Fit and Flare skirt from Matalan, very flattering for wide hips and placed in the basket (I have an aptitude test and its getting hot). They also had a black circular skirt, unfortunately there was too much fabric. I tried on the Grey cropped sleeve jacket, nice design, horrible cheap fabric choice.

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