Saturday, 16 April 2011

Friday was Window shopping

Spent out, I went to Angel Islington to find out how the surviving vintage dealers had faired. The prices of jewellery and clothes are cheaper here,under £100 for a vintage 50s dress compared to £150 at Alfies Antique Market. I spotted a lovely atomic butterfly print dress which wouldnt go over my bust.I made it to Portobella market which seemed to have shunk alot, the vintage stalls had expanded but where was the new designers, and food stalls? The vintage 50s and 60s were responsibly priced with a day dress going for £50. However you have to be prepared to get out the stain removers.
I went to Oxford Street again to look at Primark and spotted a 60s style to do some yellow sun dress, it looked like a winner, I tried it on in the next size up and knew I had to buy it. I made my way to Hammersmith before relising I had no cards to buy anything. The Hammersmith branch didn't have it either. image credit

T K Maxx Gold Label starting at from £299I was not impressed it made from polyester!

100% silk softness


  1. It was one of the free things that came in a large. It felt lovely on worth the price tag.


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