Tuesday Blows

Chocolate from Spitsfield Market. Not a fan of the milk chocolate, but the white chocolate with ginger and chili was so nice it didn't survive the 2hr journey back.
I managed to get to Edgware, where I visited Alfie's Antique market(13-25 Church St), off loaded the broach. Cried when I saw Beswick Circus, teapot, butter dish and tv set displayed in a glass cabinet.
A pattern in the post.
image credit www.amazon.co.uk
When I was at Grays buying my Bakelite Gillian Horsup recommended a book I should buy called Bakelite Bangles by Karima Parry. The lowest price you can find at Amazon is around £52, but I managed to get it on eBay for under £30.


  1. I saw the circus china too wish i had taken it home with me !


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