Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Vintage knock offs

Im sure their are numerous blogs or articiles ranting about this sub trend for vintage inspired, the high street has been doing it for yours but this year, some stores have really upped the ante. Poor imitations pushed a side Monsoon and Wallis are leading the way, and priced from £70 why their the same price as the real deal.
image credit www.matalan.co.uk
Matalan is a very weird shop, most of the time their is an item that would of been amazing, but if only they had used a better fabric. One time I found an amazing 40s inspired suit, it was beautifully tailored but let down by cheap fabric. Vintage inspired rather then knockoff, I prefer this version of a poppy print dress compared to others I have seen. The jacket and the flare skirt have featured in a woman's weekly as wedding attire. Surely black and grey is a bit boring, wouldn't it be much better as workwear?
image credit www.wallis.co.uk
All these looks so much better as an illustration. Taken from original vintage patterns, these are copies and not knockoffs the waist seam looks higher then a modern equivalent so it may work for my derriere. I heart the white sundress and would be interested to try the green and blue prom dress. Any girl that loves a feminine dress, would be wise to try one of these faithfully created pieces by Wallis or Monsoon or live in regret. And if you have to, stick it on the credit card its an investment.

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