Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bakelite Testing

My book arrived, and it gives a very detailed description and pictorial of identifying Bakelite and Lucite bangles.
I have very little clue about Bakelite or Lucite. I didn't know that new Bakelite bangles are made from old Bakelite supplies. I didn't know that most new Bakelite bangles are produced in the style of the expensive old Bakelite. So the most important point for any beginner collector, is buy it because you like it, not because it may be a collectible. And through experience you learn your craft.

Non chemical Tests
A simple test to identify plastic, is the clunk test. Clunk two bangles of the same material type together if it "clicks" its plastic type, if it clunks its Bakelite. I spent ages trying to determine if my 4 bangles were clinking as it wasn't a sharp sound. I then did the thumb test (sensitive noses only) rub the bangles for at least a minute and quickly bring to the nose. The two marbled bangles I purchased from Dreamtime at Angel, smelt chemically. The other test is to run hot water over the bangle for 30 seconds and bring to the nose. I have yet to do this for the Mississippi bangles.

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