Sunday, 18 October 2009

Recommended Seller- Dress Like Dita pt 2

The recomended Seller section features only sellers I have personal purchased from and feel they deserve more coverage.

Katandpat@ PinkPurr Studio on Ebay, produce custom made 50s style clothing, the clothing design are amazing and are worthy of the price.
I discovered them a while ago but, I couldn't justify the garments prices on my salary, their prices do fluctuate, sometimes they are lowered and that's the perfect time to grab a piece. They are definately worth the investment as they are made to a high standard custom fit and with love.
I only own one piece a sarong style dress with a African style print, which was a new style they were trying out for the summer last year.

As soon as my funds sort out themselves I got my eye on the Pink Kitty Halter Dress.

Black Rockabilly 50s PINK Kitty Cat Halter Dress $199.00 my dream dress at you can dream price. The other colour tone is less at $159.00

BLACK 50s Vintage stl BEADED SHIMMY MARTINI PARTY Dress $149.00

I would imagine that this would be something that would give you the 50s look, and maybe something that Dita Von Teese may of worn in the earlier years, before she focused on the 40's style, which somtimes makes her look like the most preserved Granny in the World. She should stick to modern or flirty 50s its more becoming on her.

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