Friday, 30 October 2009

Not a Happy Bunny- Its Raining

Guess what! I actual made it to a job interview, I got up really early, it would of been praticual to take the rail, but before 9.30 is too expensive, especially for a job I probably wont get. I got their quite early, the place didnt look to bad, it was a rented office place.
I saw my interviewer, he asked me a few questions, then he said I live too far to be considered, I was livid, I then went into a speech, that most of my roles have involved at least an 1hr travel up to 2.5hrs and because the travel distance would only be a problem if I had to get their before buses started running or finish really late. What I should of said is, if that the case you wasted my time and my money, pay up.
It shouldnt be allowed, I know their more people out of work, but I dont think employeers should waste peoples time and money, just to make up the numbers.
The only saving grace, well their isnt one really, as I have wasted money traveling, wasted money because I needed a pick me up, in the form of carrot cake.
The bakers over the road had real carrot cake, probabley store bought, and not the dodgy version that they get one of two friends to make. The one version made by the person who can cook, is a lovely moist carrot cake, and then theirs the other person who really cant cook or follow receipes, really the homemade chocolate and carrot cake might as well be the same thing they taste like poison, and the trouble is you cant tell apart the good carrot cake from the bad one.
Yes I do like carrot cake, Portobello Market has a stall that does the best carrot cake cupcakes, and Selfridges has a nice Swedish Carrot cake, yum yum.
Yes we must gain pleasure from simple things.

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