Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Ultimate Mood Lifter

I recently read recently that sales of saucy suspender has gone up over the recession.
I cant understand why recession and possible the popularity of women such as Dita Von Teese has caused UK women to buy more then normally. All women should own nice lingerie sets, I have always bought nice lingerie, bra and panties set with matching girdles. I understand lingerie can be expensive, especially if you are a larger cup, which I am, but their are numerous outlets and ways to acquire lingerie for less. Sales are the best, Selfridges, Debenhams usually have the best sales, with John Lewis is good for designer brands. If you are a larger cup size you are often spoilt for choice. The Best place I find if you are no bigger then a E up is Tkmaxx, that where I have got some of my favorite sets often for £10, it does require you regularly to visit as you can miss out on some great brands, I spotted Elixar by Lejaby and Chantelle on some trips, but unfortunately I missed my size, but it definitely is worth a look.

New underwear is the ultimate mood lifter, it makes you look and feel sexy, how can that be a bad thing. It can also save relationships, sometimes relationships become stale and boring, in new lingerie you are a different women, so ditch those greying undies with the elastic coming through, your soul will thank you.

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