Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Silver Lining

Good news! I won £10 on the lottery so that covered the wasted travel fare and gives me a couple of quid to spend wiselys.
Also my tray of veg for a £1 that I have been getting for like ages, coupled with economy spending for the last two months, means that I have the lost weight, so I can now fit in Christmas favourite vintage dresses and this dress below only two more inches to go on the bust.

1950s chiffon Party dress £55

My bargain shop buy. 1940S Dress with Bolero £42

I got these two dresses from a vintage shop up north, for years I studied at a University town that had the best kept vintage shop in England, and when I did find out about it, I had left. It makes me mad, just thinking of the kinda clothes I couldve bought while studying.
It makes the 3hr trip I make 4 times a year to visit it, worth it.

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