Sunday, 18 October 2009

Recommended Seller- Healing Heart

Healing Heart is another seller, I have been watching on Etsy, while I admire her message, I couldn't wear clothing with messages on it, I eat meat, wear leather shoes and own vintage fur. One item I did buy was the Ribbon Ruffle hoodie, it has a quite lolita feel to it. My only complaint I would have is that the hood is out of shape and falls of my head, so I cant wear it up, and the length is little short for my liking, not really a fan of belly flashing, but otherwise it a quality made piece.

Ribbon Ruffle hoodie $54.00

Next on the list Ruffles Bows N Hearts Hoodie $78.00


Healing Heart Designs is an ethical clothing and accessory company based in Toronto. Advocating Compassion Over Fashion, the line features original designs that are fit for any body type, and easy on the conscience. Made in Canada and cruelty-free, the clothing is cute, comfortable, and most importantly delivers a strong message.Make a loud statement in style; become a caring consumer and let Healing Heart help you start a revolution in your closet!

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