Sunday, 18 October 2009

Recommended Seller - Hey Sailor

I have not listed many recommended sellers as my funds are dry, so I have not bought anything from the internet in the last 3 months. Hey Sailor is a seller I have been admiring on Etsy for a while, I have lots of favourites on Etsy, so slowly I am working through the list on what to buy next.

I cant believe I have not posted about my favourite hat seller Hey Sailor!
She sells "ladies vintage inspired hats of distinction," her own words. Up onto yesterday on Etsy she was holding a special 48hr sale, where some of her most expensive hats were available for $110, a rarity, the sale is still on but the low discount is no longer available. I'm so upset why did I have to jack my job in? I only own one hat by Hey Sailor which I bought on sale (wearing it on my profile pic), but its beautiful, so I will have to hold out for the next sale.

My dream hat now $171.00

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