Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ultimate Mood Lifter- Keeping your Chin Up

When I am sad I like to dress up in my most glamorous frocks, when Im very sad I just like to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream in front of a slasher movie.
Here's me in a 1940s cocktail dress, that I purchased from the Hammersmith Vintage Fair, I have to say I don't go their anymore now that my free ticket entrance as dried up as well as I kinda didnt like the atmosphere anymore, it seemed like a few of the sellers were disappointed with the amount of sales they were getting or maybe it was the crowd. They would whisper things when I used to take my aunt, like "she's not going to buy anything!" As if black people dont like vintage. I actually get the same feeling when I look for vintage in Greenwich, there was this lovely desk with attached chair in one of the shops, but I didnt want to buy it as I felt ill at ease.

Material of dress is like a waterproof coat, weird but functional.

My Jakob Bengel Earrings I bought at Angels Antique Arcade

I then change into my glamorous nightwear, it is probably a dressing gown in the true since you but it on as you get ready, it was the first vintage piece of clothing I ever bought from Ebay and I remember waiting, worried it may get lost in international post.

The person who made it, stitched the shoulder wrong, then unpicked it and did it again, that why I love vintage it has a story and conscience.

Coupled with my Hollywood ostrich cape (Grays Antique Market), apparently Kate Moss wear it in a photoshoot for some magazines like I D, that probably explains the burn mark on it and the faint smell of smoke. I feel so Hollywood, its the ultimate mood lifter.

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