Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday's a Washout

Its raining heavy and not what better time to wear something nice, this is an vintage dress, I got from my favourite shop. I'm not sure of the date, its looks 30's but the seam stitch is zig zag, and the seller wasn't sure so I got it for £22, paired with the hardest working cardigan and a waist belt from Primark.

I have been sorting through my vintage stuff, as eventually I will be moving out, and storing my vintage is going to be a problem. This cute little silk bag is from a vintage shop in Nottingham, inside is a little mirror, I can only think of one occasion when I would use such a bag is on my wedding day, but since I don't believe in Marriage, that's unlikely to happen. Should it stay or should it go?


  1. Gorgeous dress – and I know exactly what you mean with the hardest working cardigan. Mine was grey... I will update for next winter! :D

    I am so amazed in the UK you can get vintage for such low prices... lucky!!!

  2. Their are a few shops in the north of the UK where the prices are okay, but slowly the prices are going up. Vintage is getting more and more popular in the UK.


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