Saturday Shopping

I needed some new underwear, since leaving the gym and being thrifty with the food shop, I have gone back to my 2007 size, I needed new bras, and where did I go, my trusty TK Maxx.
I got my Lepel bra for £4.99, now when I buy bras I must have matching underwear, I think it a bit scuzzy if you dont, it also looks silly if you have to undress in front of someone. They didnt have the matching brief, as it was the last of the stock, so I looked for something that could match, the cream pair matched perfectly and it was part of a set of two with red pair, which has cream flowers so its like mix and match for £3.99. The black satin pair is from the same brand loving moments and has cute lace back. Not bad for £10.87 minus the VAT reduction, time to toss some knickers.


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