Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I had my other interview yesterday, and all even through it went well, by the nature of questions asked I felt they wanted the excuse to give it to someone younger or had been out of work a long time, so that they could pay a low wage. Many people would disagree with my leaving my job, but I felt while I have put up with a lot things in my life, the worst thing in the world is to work with people who dismiss you or ignore you, no amount of work will change these kind of people minds. I didn't want these women to smear my good reputation, who had hardly made an effect to welcome or talk, over the 3 months I was there. In a way it was good to leave, as my personal circumstances changed not that much later and would involve me permanently tied to a job I have always hated, through financial commitment.
However I always had the ability to turn nothing into something and at heart I am a grafter, I have no fear of the future.

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